Erin McNally
Attorney at Law
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Erin McNally  Attorney at Law

1574 West Street, Redding, California 96001
(530) 246-1578  Phone
(530) 247-0417  Fax
[email protected]

My Practice:

Criminal Law:  Murder/Attempted Murder; Sex Offenses; Assaults; Theft Cases; Drug Charges; all other Felony, Three Strike, and Misdemeanor Matters, including DUIs

Conservatorship & Guardianships:  Establishment and Termination of LPS, Probate, Limited Conservatorships, and Guardianships.

Disabled Rights:  Special Education, including IEPs, Actions to Terminate Regional Center Services; Limited Conservatorshiips; POAs, and Special Needs Trusts

Family Law:  Dissolution of Marriage, Custody & Visitation, OSC/Contempt to Enforce Orders, Modifications of Court Orders, Restraining Orders.

Adoption:  Petitions to Adopt. Petitions to Terminate Parental Rights/Parental Abandonment (Petition for Freedom from Parental Custody and Control) - Representation of Both Parents and Guardians.

Juvenile Law:  Dependency and Delinquency. Representation of Parents, Minors, Foster Parents, and De Facto Parents.

​Why You Should Consider Retaining My Serives

​Criminal Law

Conservatorships & Guardianships

Disabled Rights

I have extensive jury and bench trial criminal litigation experience. District Attorneys know that I am willing to go to trial and fight for my client's rights.
I offer flat fee retainer agreements to reduce client's costs in Conservatorship and Guardianship matters. I am experienced in LPS (mental health), Probate Conservatoships , Limited Conservatoship cases, and Guardianships, representing both petitioner and conservatees.
I have both personal and professional experience in the area of disabled rights as an attorney, and the parent of a disabled child. Institutions often fail to serve the very people they should be assisting. I will help you obtain the services your loved one needs and deserves.

​Family Law

​Juvenile Law


Family law cases can be emotionally draining. You may be dealing with an opposing party who is: narcissistic; a sociopath; or just out to make your life as difficult as possible. I will fight for your rights to a fair and just outcome. 
Dependency Cases: I have over a decade of experience representing parents, minors, relatives, de facto parents, and foster parents in dependency court. 
Delinquency Cases: ​I have more than two decades of delinquency court experience.
I have experience in adoption petitions as well as cases involving the termination of parental rights. 

About My Services

I offer a free initial consultation. In addition, clients or prospective clients can reach me after hours and on weekends via e-mail at:

eomlawoffice @

I handle cases throughout the North State

I am first a foremost a trial attorney, who is not afraid to fight for your rights. Some examples of outcomes I have obtained within the past 10 years in trial are:

People v Burke (2016) - Trinity County Attempted Murder - facing life in prison - acquitted.
People v Tate (2014) - Trinity County - Strike Case Assault with a Deadly Weapon - acquited.
People v Desmond - Trinity County - Strike Case Assault with a Deadly Weapond - acquitted
People v Dobson - Shasta County - DUI - acquitted.
People v Carpenter - Shasta County - Fish and Game/Alteration of Stream - acquitted
People v Wallers - Shasta County - Resisting Arrest, Battery - acquitted
People v Linn - Shasta County - Domestic Violence - acquitted.
People v Hodges - (2014) - Trinity County - client was charged with attempted murder facing life in prison if convicted. On the eve of trial, I was able to obtain a settlement of assault with a deadly weapon - credit for time served.
People v Leen - Trinity County - client was charged with attempted murder. I obtained a dismissal of all charges.